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Why Your Cat Should Be Out of Harm's Way for Moving Day

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Curiosity might not kill the cat, but curiosity can make your cat a bit of a problem when you move house. There will be multiple open boxes (ideal for exploring); there will be strangers wandering into their home and carrying away everything inside (probably while leaving the door open), and there will be an entirely new (and unfamiliar) place to live. It can be difficult enough for humans to cope with, so how can you avoid stressing your cat when you need to move house? Read More»

What to Do When Your Cat Loses a Tooth in a Fight

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So your cat was in a fight, and while they might have been victorious over the other cat who happened to be annoying them, they still might have lost. What did they lose exactly? Their dignity? Your respect? Perhaps. But the more pressing matter is if your cat happened to get into a scrap that was vicious enough for them to lose a tooth. How Would You Even Know? You might be unaware of your cat’s dental problem until later. Read More»